Are Invisible Braces Right for Everyone?

Invisalign Huntsville, AL

If you are considering getting invisible braces, you might be wondering if you are a candidate. There are many benefits, one of which being that you can remove the braces. However, there are a few orthodontic issues that you might not be able to correct with this type of braces. Keep reading to learn more about invisible braces.

Invisible braces are more versatile

In past years, invisible braces were only used for minor issues. For example, if just a few teeth needed to be moved around, then invisible braces worked well. However, this treatment was not a replacement for metal braces for severe cases. But that all changed now.

Invisible braces are more advanced now. Patients can have severe issues fixed with this treatment. Of course, there are still some areas where a dentist might recommend metal braces. For example, if the arch needs to be widened or there is a severe overbite, metal braces may be needed.

However, there are many tooth issues that used to be out of the question for invisible braces. Now the system can easily treat these. There are new advances being made all the time. In the future, patients might just be able to get clear braces for a wider range of issues.

Being committed

Patients must be committed to the process of getting invisible braces. With traditional braces, the patient must still be engaged in it. However, even more is required of the patient with the invisible braces treatment. If the patient does not commit to wearing the aligners every day, there will not be good results.

Because the aligners can be removed from the mouth, patients can potentially go days without them. This sets the treatment time back by several weeks because the teeth can move back. A patient who cannot commit to wearing the aligners enough may not be a good candidate. The patient will need to roughly keep track of how much the aligner is being worn every day.

Metal braces can work faster

Some patients might not be concerned about the length of the treatment. One reason why metal braces can be faster is that patients comply with them better. Metal braces are not really affected by the patient’s compliance. On the other hand, compliance with aligners will affect the length of treatment.

Metal braces can also place more pressure on the teeth than aligners can. The dentist can more easily manipulate the teeth to move properly. However, the difference in treatment time can vary greatly. It can be a few weeks or as much as a year.

Visit a dentist for invisible braces

If you are interested in getting invisible braces, then a dentist can see if you are a good candidate. Everyone has different issues to be treated. The level of severity of the issues also plays a role in your treatment. If you are interested in getting these braces, making an appointment is your first step.

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