Dental Recommendations for Extra Teeth

Posted on: November 16, 2018

In today’s society, perfect teeth or flawless smiles have become the norm, and people naturally expect you to have straight teeth or at least correct your dental flaws. If there are extra teeth in your dentition, you may find yourself struggling to smile. Rather than purse your lips or cover your mouth when smiling, you can try any of the tips discussed below to build confidence in your smile.


This is a condition where too many teeth erupt in your mouth. The additional teeth are sometimes termed supernumerary teeth and can erupt anywhere in the curved points (dental arches) when the teeth connect to the jaw.

As a child, 20 teeth develop in the mouth called temporary or deciduous teeth. 32 adult teeth called permanent teeth soon replace the temporary teeth. Hyperdontia can occur in both temporary and permanent teeth, but there are more reported cases with permanent teeth. According to the Journal of Conservative Dentistry, hyperdontia can occur in both upper and lower teeth, but the majority of hyperdontia occurs in the upper teeth.

Types of hyperdontia 

The kind of hyperdontia is based on the shape, position, and direction of the additional teeth. They include:

  1. Tuberculate supernumerary teeth have a barrel shape. They erupt in the upper anterior area and occur behind the front teeth.
  2. Conical supernumerary teeth appear peg-shaped. These usually develop close to the upper central incisors.
  3. Supplementary supernumerary teeth appear similarly to the normal teeth. They typically occur in the premolar area or right behind the canines.

Causes of extra teeth

Although dental experts cannot pinpoint the cause of hyperdontia, heredity is known to have a hand in the condition. It is common to see hyperdontia as the aftermath of an underlying syndrome (genetic or chromosomal-based) such as Gardner’s Syndrome, a health condition that causes several internal polyps. Children with cleft palate can also develop hyperdontia.

Dental recommendations for hyperdontia

Although some instances of hyperdontia do not require treatment, sometimes the teeth need to be extracted. A dentist will recommend removing the extra teeth if:

  • There is a preexisting genetic condition causing the eruption of additional teeth
  • Chewing properly is difficult, and the extra teeth bite the tongue when chewing
  • You feel discomfort because of overcrowding
  • You experience difficulty when brushing or flossing the teeth, which could cause tooth decay or gum disease
  • You feel unsatisfied with the appearance of the extra teeth

When the additional teeth begin to inhibit your oral hygiene routines and other teeth from erupting, extracting them as soon as possible is the best option. This will prevent any future cases of crooked teeth or gum diseases.

If the extra teeth cause minor pain, the dentist may prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen to alleviate the pain.

Living with hyperdontia

Often, hyperdontia does not require any treatment, while some may require a teeth removal procedure to prevent complications. Ensure you inform the dentist of any discomfort, inflammation, or numbness in your mouth if you have extra teeth.

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