General Dentistry Questions: What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Posted on: December 13, 2019

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One of the most commonly asked questions in general dentistry has to do with what causes sensitive teeth. Those who suffer from sensitive teeth know exactly how unpleasant it can be. But fortunately, it is able to be treated effectively and efficiently through general dentistry.

Causes of sensitive teeth

It is helpful to have an understanding of what causes sensitive teeth. This is in order to know when to seek general dentistry treatment and, perhaps even more importantly, how to prevent it through oral care at home. The following are three of the more common causes of sensitive teeth:

Tooth decay

Perhaps the most common cause of sensitive teeth is tooth decay. This occurs when the enamel on the surface of a tooth begins to erode. Tooth decay can leave the underlying layers of the tooth exposed and cause a sensitive feeling. This is particularly true when the tooth is presented with pressure or a hot or cold substance.

The best way to prevent tooth decay from happening is to practice a good oral hygiene routine. Which includes using a fluoride-based toothpaste and mouthwash to help keep the enamel strong. If any signs of tooth decay are noticed, then be sure to contact a general dentistry office for prompt treatment.

Gum recession

Another common cause of sensitive teeth is gum recession. This usually takes place in the more progressive stages of periodontitis. Quite literally, the gums begin to recede. The reason this is such an oral health concern and can cause increased tooth sensitivity is that it can leave the root of the tooth exposed.

Gum recession can be prevented through good oral hygiene and ensuring the gums, as well as the teeth, are brushed often. Gum recession often exists along with other periodontitis symptoms. These symptoms include bleeding gums, tender gums and red, swollen gums. Be sure to contact your general dentistry office if any gum complications exist.

Grinding teeth

Grinding teeth is one of the harder causes of sensitive teeth to detect as it most often takes place while the person is asleep. Teeth grinding can wear down the surface of teeth and lead to increased sensitivity. This is especially true on the teeth further back in the mouth, such as the premolars and molars.

It is important to be familiar with the signs of grinding teeth. Talk to your dentist about whether or not you need a mouthguard to wear at night to prevent grinding from happening.

General dentistry can treat sensitive teeth

There is nothing worse than suffering from sensitive teeth. It causes many to alter the way they live their daily life. With general dentistry care, however, you do not have to suffer from sensitive teeth for long. You can ensure it does not worsen or linger by visiting the dentist when symptoms exist.

Here at our general dentistry office, we have the staff and resources necessary to effectively and efficiently treat sensitive teeth. Regardless of the exact cause of the symptoms, be sure to contact us and schedule a visit any time you experience sensitive teeth.

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