How Can a Tooth Be Saved by a Dental Restoration?

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Dental issues are common, and the best option is to seek a dental restoration. The dentist can offer multiple solutions to save a tooth that has suffered cosmetic or structural damage. Regardless of the problem tooth decay, chip, fracture, or even discoloration the tooth can be restored.

Deciding the suitable dental restoration

When determining the appropriate treatments for a patient, the dentist will take into account different factors. If there is tooth decay, the dentist will perform a dental exam to ascertain the severity. If the damage is severe, the decay may have spread to the teeth' roots, leaving a significant portion of the tooth structure unsupported. Patients may be eligible for indirect tooth restoration in this situation. Direct restoration may be used to repair smaller areas of damage. Dental restoration options for saving a tooth include the following.

Dental fillings

Bacteria, an acidic and high-sugar diet, bad oral hygiene, and an individual's vulnerability to tooth decay all contribute to the development of dental cavities. If decay is not addressed, it will spread and trigger structural issues that will necessitate more extensive dental procedures. Cavity fillings with composite resin can usually be completed in one visit to the dentist. Ceramic and porcelain fillings last longer and are more durable than composite fillings, and they can take two visits to complete.


A crown is a type of indirect tooth restoration that fully covers a severely damaged or decayed tooth (one whose structure is too compromised for a filling to repair properly), restoring its appearance and function. Some crowns have a metal substructure with a porcelain coating, while others are entirely made of porcelain. The dentist will advise patients on which material is appropriate for their situation.

A broken tooth may need extraction and replacement with a dental bridge or an implant and crown in some cases. This can happen if the initial damage to the tooth is serious or if the initial fracture is left to worsen before being treated.


These involve using splinting a tooth replacement crown with two adjacent healthy teeth covered with dental crowns. A dental bridge can restore normal dental functions.

Dental implants

A dental implant is used to replace a tooth that has been damaged beyond repair. The entire structure of the tooth, including the root, is replaced with an implant restoration. The procedure involves surgically implanting a titanium fixture into the jawbone that mimics a tooth's root function. A new tooth is attached after the jawbone and the fixture have fused.

In conclusion

While a damaged tooth cannot heal independently, the dentist can repair it with personalized dental restoration options. The tooth repair process will prevent the fracture from worsening when biting and chewing, reducing the risk of tooth loss or more invasive options. If the tooth's fracture is serious enough to expose its pulp tissues, it may need root canal care before being restored, to reduce the possibility of a severe internal infection.

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