How to Make Dental Inlays Last

Posted on: July 5, 2019

Dental inlays are dental restorations used for fixing a tooth that is decayed beyond the scope of dental fillings but not so severe as to require a dental crown. Inlays preserve the tooth’s structure and are more durable than dental fillings.

Dentists often use porcelain and composite resin material to create inlays when aesthetics are important, but gold material can also be used. If you recently got dental inlays, this article will teach you how to get many years of use from your dental restoration.

The durability of dental inlays

Inlays are applied to the grooves (also known as pits and fissures) of the tooth, and they extend deep into the tooth’s roots. They usually last anywhere between five and 20 years. Although there is no assurance that they will last this long, it is possible to make them last. The truth is that the durability of the dental inlay depends on different factors.

For instance, a dental inlay exposed to significant wear and tear and inadequately maintained will probably fail in no time. With adequate oral care and routine cleaning, a dental inlay has a better chance of lasting for a long time.

How to make dental inlays last

The following are ways to extend the lifespan of dental inlays:

Good oral hygiene

The patient’s oral hygiene plays a crucial role in the lifespan of a dental inlay. Ideally, patients should brush their teeth twice daily and floss, especially before going to bed to prevent plaque accumulation on the teeth. To complement hygiene, a dental rinse may be advisable. If a patient sticks with their oral care routine properly, they can expect the inlays to last several years before needing a replacement. Excellent oral hygiene will also help keep other teeth healthy, as well.

Avoid bad oral habits

Aside from regularly cleaning the teeth, patients can extend the lifespan of their restoration by avoiding bad oral habits such as teeth grinding, biting their nails and opening items and bottles with their teeth. These practices put undue pressure on the teeth, and a wrong bite could cause extensive damages to the teeth and the inlay. If a patient consistently grinds or clenches their teeth, they can consult their dentist for a permanent solution such as nightguards or stress relief techniques.

Regular dental visits

Biannual visits to the dentist are essential to keep the teeth in good shape. During the dental appointment, the dentist will clean the teeth thoroughly to remove tartar, and they will also recommend appropriate treatment if they detect an issue. Failure to keep up with dental appointments could cause a simple problem to worsen, which may eventually mean the need for tooth removal or root canal therapy.

Final note

Dental inlays do not need special care. Maintain proper oral care as you would if you did not have any dental restoration. If you care for the dental inlay, you can expect them to last a long time before needing repair. If you are considering dental inlays, contact our office for more information.

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