Preventing the Need for a Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment Huntsville, AL

A root canal is a procedure used to save a tooth with a compromised pulp chamber. The procedure involves using a series of files to clean out the contents of the pulp chamber. It is a straightforward procedure that typically takes about an hour to complete.

A root canal can be used to treat:

  • Severely broken teeth
  • Tooth infections
  • Advanced stages of tooth decay

How to keep teeth healthy and avoid root canals

Root canals are one of the pricier treatments performed by dentists. Taking good care of your teeth reduces the odds of needing one in the future. Here are some simple things patients can do to avoid having to get a root canal:

Practice good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is the first step towards keeping teeth healthy. Tooth decay is one of the main reasons why people end up needing a root canal. Oral bacteria convert food particles left behind after meals into acids that damage tooth enamel.

Over time, holes — called cavities — begin to develop on teeth surfaces. If left untreated, these holes will keep expanding until they reach the pulp chamber. Once that occurs, the soft tissues in the pulp chamber are exposed to the bacteria and acids in the mouth. The person will experience excruciating toothaches at this point, and the tooth will eventually become infected if left untreated.

Good oral hygiene includes brushing the teeth at least two times a day, preferably after meals. Dentists also recommend flossing at least once each day. Use a mouthwash to give teeth an additional layer of protection.

Use protective gear

Trauma to a tooth can lead to a need for a root canal if the damage reaches the pulp chamber. Dentists recommend wearing a mouthguard to reduce the odds of this occurring when participating in contact sports. People who grind their teeth due to bruxism can protect their enamel by wearing a nightguard before going to bed.

Eat a healthy diet

Teeth need nutrients like calcium, phosphate and fluoride to be healthy. Dentists recommend eating a balanced diet that contains these nutrients. Dairy products and green vegetables are a great source of calcium and most public water supply systems are fluoridated.

Visit a dentist twice a year

Regular visits to the dentist allow patients to get preventative treatments as needed, thereby keeping their teeth healthy. For example, teeth cleanings are used to protect teeth from decay and dental sealants offer additional protection.

Regular visits to the dentist also provide an opportunity for developing issues to be detected early on. Such problems can then be treated with less invasive procedures. For example, the early stages of tooth decay can be treated with a filling. The more advanced stages require a root canal to save the tooth.

Root canal therapy saves teeth

Call or visit our Huntsville clinic if you are dealing with a damaged tooth that requires a root canal. It usually only takes a single visit to the dentist to get the relief you need.

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