Reasons Why a Dental Onlay May Be Recommended

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There is a lot to know about a dental onlay procedure, especially if you are not familiar with this process. Onlays are similar to fillings and crowns, though there are key differences as well. There are times when this is a more sensible choice than other tooth-restoration methods. Your general dentist can help you decide which treatment to pursue when you want to restore your smile or oral health. You will see that onlays provide many benefits.

An understanding of other options

Before learning more about what a dental onlay does, it is helpful for people to compare it to other treatments. A dental filling is a common way for dentists to treat small to medium-sized cavities. It can also build up a tooth to repair small chips. A filling is usually made of a tooth-colored composite material, though some dentists may still use gold or silver.

Crowns are frequent treatments for broken or cracked teeth. A crown fits over the entire tooth, protecting it from further damage. The dentist may use a crown on a tooth after performing a root canal. A crown is natural-looking in size, shape, and color. With proper care and maintenance, it can last for 10 years or more.

A dental onlay for severe tooth decay

Fillings will not always work well to fix cavities. When the decay has grown and caused more damage than a filling can handle, the general dentist may recommend an onlay. Onlays can treat large cavities because the dentist can fabricate the material to be any size and shape. The onlay is pre-molded in a lab and then fits in the grooves of the tooth, covering the cusps. The dentist will bond the onlay to the tooth using cement. This makes this restoration strong and prevents bacteria from further affecting the tooth.

When the patient wants to preserve the entire tooth

It is challenging enough when a tooth breaks, cracks, or chips. Losing part of a tooth can be painful and negatively affect a person’s smile. Crowns can restore the full function and form of the tooth. However, to place a crown, the dentist must first reshape the tooth by shaving part of it. With a dental onlay, the patient does not have to lose any part of its structure. Because the onlay does not cover the entire tooth but instead bonds to part of it, this invasive work is not necessary.

Making aesthetic changes

A dental onlay has many uses, some of which may be for cosmetic reasons. If a patient dislikes the color of a tooth, an onlay could be a good approach to covering the discoloration. The dentist can use a porcelain, composite, or ceramic onlay to match the color of the tooth. Onlays can also repair small cracks or chips.

A treatment for your most pressing needs

You do not have to be unhappy with your smile any longer. You can also relieve tooth pain and repair troubling damage. Talk to your dentist about getting a dental onlay. This process can benefit you and your appearance for many years to come.

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