Replacing a Missing Front Tooth With a Dental Implant

Posted on: March 14, 2019

Having a missing front tooth can be extremely uncomfortable for a variety of reasons – including the way that it looks as well as the way that it feels. However, there is hope!

As dentistry has progressed significantly over the years, a person who has a missing front tooth may be able to replace it with the use of dental implants. Dental implants have started to offer many benefits to people who are in need of replacement or restoration for their teeth.

In this article, we will discuss replacing a missing front tooth with a dental implant. Being aware of how this works can be helpful for those who aren’t sure of what to do.

Dental implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small surgical components that are placed in order to achieve replacement or restoration – in this case, it would be for front tooth replacement. They are interfaced with the jawbone so that they can support an artificial tooth that will be placed later on, typically an implant-supported denture or a dental crown. Dental implants are shaped like screws and they act as a replacement to the entire structure of a tooth, including the roots.

How do implants work?

1. A dentist will place the implant within a person’s jaw during surgery. After the surgery, the person will have to wait for a period of time in order for healing and bonding to occur. Typically, this period of time can be lengthy but it is well worth the wait.

2. Once the implant has healed and bonded, the dentist will attach an artificial tooth to the implant. This will allow for the implant and artificial tooth to work together.

3. After the artificial tooth is secured and placed properly on the implant, the person can begin to practice normal habits again such as chewing naturally and smiling without worry. The implant and artificial tooth combined will allow for restoration and it will look natural to the eye, which is likely needed after having a missing front tooth.

Replacing a missing front tooth

It’s important to understand that a dental implant procedure is involved and it does require that a person is extremely patient. A missing front tooth can be difficult to deal with but being patient during the implant process will pay off.

They are natural

Dental implants are considered a natural method of replacement, and this is because the implant will bond with the jawbone over time. Once bonded, the artificial tooth can be placed through the use of dental crowns or implant-supported dentures.

The implant and artificial tooth will also look and feel natural which a person with a missing tooth most likely needs.

If you have questions about replacing your missing front tooth then reach out to our office. Getting dental implants to replace that missing space can be helpful, so find out more today. Give us a call or stop so that we can help you.

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