Tips for Deciding on a Smile Makeover Treatment

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A smile makeover involves one or more dental procedures to change the appearance or function of a patient's smile. The wide variety of treatments available to patients makes it easier than ever to get the desired results. However, some patients may not be sure which options to choose. To make the final decision easier, follow the tips here.

7 tips for choosing smile makeover treatments

A dental professional can help patients decide on which treatment or treatments to get. These seven tips can give patients a better understanding of the dentist's advice and a clearer idea of which questions to ask.

1. Know which options are temporary and which are permanent

Some smile makeover treatments are intended to last for only a few years. Others should last a lifetime. It is important to know how often treatments may need to be repeated or adjusted before making a choice.

2. Learn how to properly care for treatments

Some dental treatments require more care than others. Patients may need to avoid harsh kinds of toothpaste, polishing devices, or ultrasonic scalers with certain treatments. Others may come with food and drink restrictions, such as avoiding hard foods or foods that can leave stains.

3. Find out how long each treatment takes to complete

Some smile makeover treatments can be completed in one or two visits. Others may require weeks or months. Patients should understand what the time commitments are for the various treatments chosen.

4. Research the options for materials

Some treatments, such as dental veneers, are available in a variety of materials, such as ceramic or composite resin. Different materials have different price points and advantages and disadvantages. 

5. Ask how much experience the dentist has

Some dentists may perform some types of smile makeover treatments frequently but have limited experience with others. Patients should ask the dentist how much experience they have with different types of treatments. The more experience a dentist has with the treatments being used, the more natural-looking and attractive the results are likely to be.

6. Inquire about the functional impact of treatments

Most smile makeover treatments are intended to improve the appearance of the smile; however, some may also change the function of the teeth. Patients should ask about whether treatments may alter the way teeth fit together. Additionally, if there are functional issues that need to be addressed, the patient should ask about smile makeover treatments that can improve those issues. 

7. Bring a list of questions to the appointment

Patients can prepare for their initial consultation by researching the treatments being considered ahead of time, but it is expected that some questions will remain. Making a list of these questions before the appointment helps ensure that nothing gets left unanswered. 


The variety of options available to patients seeking a smile makeover makes it possible for more patients to achieve the results they want. To get the desired results, patients should talk to a dentist and ask plenty of questions. 

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