What Can Happen if You Do Not Replace a Missing Tooth

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Huntsville, AL

A missing tooth is not something you should take lightly or ignore. Several factors could contribute to losing a tooth. It could happen due to decay or gum disease. You may accidentally knock out a tooth from a hard blow to the face. After losing it, you should see a dentist right away and discuss the next steps to replacing. You can suffer negative effects by leaving a gap in your mouth.

Options after losing a tooth

Some people may think a missing tooth is not a serious issue, so they choose not to replace it. However, dentists recommend doing one of three things: getting a bridge, dental implants, or a partial denture. Each has its benefits and challenges. The dentist can advise patients on what makes sense for their needs. All three treatments offer a natural-looking solution that restores the function of the mouth. When a patient takes care of the new artificial tooth, it can last for years.

The cosmetic factor

Not replacing a missing tooth can ruin a smile, creating embarrassment for the individual. This is especially true if it is a front tooth, which will be readily visible whenever the mouth is open. People with missing teeth may want to stay away from social situations. Such people may alter their routines to avoid showing their smile. A lost tooth can hinder the individual’s self-image and self-esteem.

Drifting teeth

Having a single missing tooth can affect the surrounding teeth in the mouth. The teeth act as an anchor, keeping neighboring teeth in place. When one goes missing, the others can shift and become misaligned. This can eventually cause bone loss, which can loosen the teeth and lead to further loss.

Chewing difficulties

It can be hard to chew food effectively with a missing tooth. Losing a front tooth may hamper the person’s ability to bite directly into something. If a molar is missing, the individual will likely struggle to grind food into smaller pieces. It may even require the person to stop eating food such as meat or bread.

Oral hygiene problems

When the other teeth start to drift, many of them may start to become crooked. This can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Effectively brushing and flossing such teeth can be more challenging. The decay will cause tooth pain and could develop into serious infections such as an abscess. Also, the gap where this missing tooth is can be susceptible to bacteria buildup and infections.

Replace teeth right away

For both aesthetic and health reasons, it should be clear why replacing a missing tooth is essential. You can avoid pain, discomfort, and feelings of shame by taking care of this issue as soon as possible. After you lose a permanent tooth, see your dentist immediately. Your dentist will recommend the right treatment to restore your smile and to maintain the full function of your mouth. Do all you can to keep your teeth, but if you lose one, make a dental appointment so you can do something about it.

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