Do I Still Need to See a Dentist if I Have Dentures?

If you're asking yourself, “do I still need to see a dentist if I have dentures?” The answer is an absolute "yes." Dental health is not just about the teeth. It is also about the gums, jawbone, mouth and yes, … Continued

Is an Electric Toothbrush Better Than a Manual One?

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Missing a Tooth? A Dental Implant Crown Can Help

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Got an Overbite? These Cosmetic Dental Procedures Can Help

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Tips to Make Your Dental Check-up Easier

Your dental check-up will prove to be much easier if you prepare ahead of time. Do everything in your power to prepare your mouth, as well as your mind, for this appointment. Preparation is especially necessary for those who are … Continued

Dental Anxiety: Common Fears and How to Overcome Them

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Tips to Avoid Going to the Dentist for an Emergency

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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Dental Exam

Regular visits to the dentist's clinic are an important part of preventative dentistry. For starters, regardless of how well you take care of your teeth, there will be some tartar accumulation over time. Tartar facilitates tooth decay and gives your … Continued

How Long Do Implant Crowns Last?

Dental Implant Crowns, the latest dental innovation, have brought millions who suffer the loss of a tooth due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or trauma to a new hope for a good future of normal eating and speaking that partial … Continued

7 Potential Signs of a Serious Dental Issue

Scheduling those bi-annual visits to your general dentist who will, periodically, have a full set of mouth x-rays taken, goes beyond just checking for cavities in the teeth. In an extensive dental visit, the dentist will also be checking the … Continued