9 Tips to Improve Your Smile

A beautiful smile is not only pretty to look at but also boosts your self-confidence, esteem and overall mood. A smile is for life and is an integral part of your health. If you have healthy teeth alongside, it also … Continued

Pros and Cons of Dental Bonding

What is Dental Bonding?A procedure used for improving teeth with minor blemishes or damage is called dental bonding. Although there are many other techniques to restore teeth, the one reason that makes dental bonding a favorite amongst people is that … Continued

Why You Should Consider Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry has spilled into the mainstream in recent years.  This approach to tooth replacement beautifies the smile, enhances functionality and proves effective for years or even decades.  Here is a closer look at why every patient who is missing … Continued

Benefits of Caring for Your Teeth

If you are worried about caring for your teeth after eating, you are not alone.  Most people eat a meal or snack and feel guilty about not being able to clean their teeth or simply being too lazy to perform … Continued

Keep Your Dentures In Your Mouth With Implant Supported Dentures

Those who have grown frustrated with regular dentures that do not stay in the mouth find implant-supported dentures are the perfect solution. There is no need to mess around with adhesives or slippery dentures with this oral health solution. Here’s … Continued

How We Can Help Treat A Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is a serious dental issue. Teeth can crack and fracture in different ways. The crack location, type and magnitude determine how your dentist will approach treatment. Do not assume a cracked or broken tooth will still function … Continued

What to Look for in a Pediatric Dentist

It is no secret that there is more than one pediatric dentist in our area. Pinpointing the best one is a challenge most people will reluctantly accept though it might take years for some patients to whittle down the field … Continued

The Top Subjects to Discuss With Your General Dentist

When the average person visits the general dentist and is asked for questions, he or she likely pauses and cannot think of anything. This is a true shame as there are plenty of important subjects every patient should discuss with … Continued

Why Choose Six Month To Straighten Your Teeth

Are six month smiles an option? Yes! There is good news for those who are seriously considering getting their teeth straightened yet have been putting it off because they do not want to make a long-time commitment. When traditional teeth … Continued

How Do Clear Braces Straighten Teeth?

Ever hear of clear braces? If you have been thinking about getting braces but have been putting it off because you do not like the idea of wearing traditional metal braces, you are definitely not alone. Many adults tend to … Continued