4 Dental Hygiene Tips From a Kid Friendly Dentist

Kid Friendly Dentist Huntsville, AL

Providing health education is part of being a kid friendly dentist. Parents are in charge of their child’s dental hygiene at home. Despite busy schedules, proper oral care must still persist after each dental appointment. If you want to get some oral hygiene suggestions from your kid friendly dentist, here are some tips.

1.Brushing and flossing daily

The eruption of baby teeth signals the start of regular brushing. A kid friendly dentist recommends brushing primary teeth two times a day. Parents can make this activity fun by using flavored toothpaste and colorful toothbrushes. Brushing can be a regular bonding activity between parents and children. Parents can add flossing to this routine.

Choosing a brand of toothpaste with fluoride can strengthen teeth. This is helpful to those who do not have fluoridated water. Checking if the fluoride content of the toothpaste brand is at the right levels is important. Excessive fluoride can discolor teeth.

2.Observe the two-minute brushing rule

Any kid friendly dentist will recommend brushing teeth for two minutes. This is longer than what most people have been used to. Children must establish this rule from the very beginning. It will be easier for them to do so if parents and children brush together. Rewarding kids can help with positive reinforcement.

3.Paying attention to food intake

Diet is an important part of oral health. A kid friendly dentist knows that awareness of a healthy diet must start at a young age. Food and beverages enter the body through the mouth. Making the right food choices equals good fuel for the body. It also means good dental health.

Packing home-prepared meals ensures nutritious choices. Proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are teeth-friendly foods. Children must only have limited sweets in one day. Pastries, sodas, cookies, pies, and candies are attractive sources of sugar. Sugary treats feed the bacteria in the mouth and the progression of tooth decay. These have empty calories and should not be a regular part of the diet.

A healthy diet can provide children with important nutrients. These help the mouth fight off infections. The tissues in the mouth must be strong enough to fight against gum disease and tooth decay. Encouraging children to drink more water than juice and soda is a good practice. Let them choose which bottled water they want for school. Serving the water chilled makes it more refreshing.

4.Choosing a dentist who works well with children

Selecting the right kid friendly dentist is an important choice as well. The dentist must know how to communicate and handle children. Dental checks and treatments need calmness. A kid friendly dentist can gain the trust of young patients. He or she also has the knowledge, experience, and training to provide dental care to kids. This kind of custom-fit dental care can be difficult to find but worth the time and effort.

A kid friendly dentist can guide you and your child toward optimal oral health

It can be challenging to maintain proper oral care at home. Busy schedules tend to get in the way. The mentioned dental hygiene tips can help your child maintain healthy baby and adult teeth. A routine dental appointment with your kid friendly dentist can help you accomplish this.

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