Why You Should Consider Implant Dentistry

Posted on: February 16, 2018

Implant dentistry has spilled into the mainstream in recent years.  This approach to tooth replacement beautifies the smile, enhances functionality and proves effective for years or even decades.  Here is a closer look at why every patient who is missing one or several teeth or requires an extraction should consider implant dentistry.

Implant dentistry to replace missing teeth

The Basics of Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry has emerged as the premier approach to replacing missing or badly damaged teeth partially because these artificial teeth look normal.  Furthermore, dental implants function just like regular teeth.  The dental implant process involves the use of artificial roots positioned within the gums.

These roots connect directly to the jaw bone to ensure chewing can occur without issue.  The dentist then connects the artificial teeth, also known as crowns, to these posts that are firmly connected to the jaw.  The dental implants feel, look and function similar to normal teeth.  

Implant Dentistry Lets You Enjoy a Natural-looking Face

Implant dentistry empowers patients to enjoy a natural facial aesthetic.  Dental implants take the place of missing teeth, making the smile look that much fuller.  This allows for a completely natural-looking face. If you do not choose dental implants and allow your teeth to slide toward the open spaces, you will have a whole slew of dental problems in addition to a sagging face.

Choose Implant Dentistry and Do Not Bother With Dentures

Dentures have the potential to fall out of your mouth, slip and cause all sorts of other issues.  Though some people do not mind wearing and cleaning dentures, most denture-wearers will readily admit they find it difficult to eat certain foods.

Alternatively, dental implants function and look like normal teeth.  You do not need to take out your dental implants to clean them.  You can simply floss and brush these artificial teeth just like they are regular teeth.

Implant Dentistry Removes the Threat of Cavities

Unlike dental bonding, there is no risk for a cavity to form after dental implants are in place.  The unfortunate truth is just about every dental restoration aside from dental implants has the potential to permit the formation of a cavity.  There is no possibility of a cavity-forming within an implant-restored crown.

Implant Dentistry Stands the Test of Time

Dental implants typically last longer than other artificial teeth.  If you take good care of your dental implants and schedule adjustments as necessary, your dental implants might last your entire life.

Implant Dentistry Does not Impact Natural Teeth

If you were to opt for something like a tooth-supported bridge to substitute for your missing teeth, the dentist would have to file the teeth on each side of the missing tooth.  Furthermore, it is possible for adjacent teeth to move out of position.

The better approach is dental implants that we directly connect to the jaw bone.  Such implants do not impact adjacent teeth in any way.

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