4 Important Facts About Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures Huntsville, AL

Wearing implant supported dentures can help you manage tooth loss better. These teeth replacements are more convenient. The overdentures are attached to the dental implants in the jawbone. You do not need adhesives to keep them in place. If you want to know more about implant supported dentures, here are four important facts to remember.

Fact 1: two options are available

After the dental inspection, dentists can talk to the patient about the two available options for implant supported dentures. Ball-retained dentures have ball-shaped connectors on the titanium rods in the jawbone. These overdentures restore the patient’s ability to chew. They even remove the sunken trait in the patient’s cheeks. Bar-retained dentures have a thin bar connected to the titanium rods in the jawbone. This bar keeps the overdentures in place.

Fact 2: stable and removable

Implant supported dentures use titanium rods as anchors to the jawbone. This is the primary reason for the stability of these restorations. This quality allows the patient to smile, speak, or eat in the presence of other people without any doubt or anxiety. People with these restorations can go about various activities, including some types of sports with these dentures.

Some people mistake implant supported dentures for non-removable permanent dental restorations. The truth is that these dentures are, indeed, removable. Detaching the dentures from the implants will result in more efficient cleaning. Cleaning involves brushing and flossing. Dentists recommend removing these teeth replacements while sleeping at night.

Fact 3: may need bone grafts

The dentist may recommend a bone graft procedure first. This surgery places bone material in areas of the jawbone with low bone mass. Grafting healthy bone into areas of low bone mass triggers the growth of healthy bone. This procedure is common in the lower jaw.

For the upper jaw, the bone graft is called a sinus lift. This procedure is for bone loss in the upper dental arch. Rebuilding the bone between the sinus cavity and the mouth will prevent any sinus damage. Some cases need bone grafts to happen before dental implant surgery. Others can have bone grafts during dental implant surgery. People with severe gum disease or missing teeth for at least six months need bone grafts.

Fact 4: long healing periods

The dental implant surgery will follow after the bone grafting. The dentist will drill implant holes into the patient’s jawbone. Implanting the titanium rods into these holes will follow. After six months or so, there will be successful osseointegration.

The dentist will call the patient in for the abutment. An incision on the top of the rod will free the connector site for the abutment. The patient needs to heal for another two weeks. Then, the dentist will attach the custom-fit dental crown to the abutment.

Implant supported dentures can give you a positive experience with dentures

Patients want to have a secure way to handle tooth loss. Regular partials cannot provide the stability they need. That is why many patients choose implant supported dentures. Removing the overdentures is easy for cleaning. Once back in, they are unshakable. This prevents anxiety and low self-image in patients.

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