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When considering different teeth straightening treatments, it may be worth looking into Six Month Smiles®, which is a newer, more modern way to address spacing, crookedness, and misalignments in the teeth. The draw to this treatment option is that the desired results are typically achieved in six months or less! Keep reading to learn about the benefits. 

How Six Month Smiles® treatment benefits you

Outlined below are some of the benefits that come with undergoing Six Month Smiles® treatment. Review this information when considering different treatment options.

1. Hard to detect

Six Month Smiles® are offered in two different ways with the first being clear braces and the second being invisible braces. Both options rely on clear or transparent technology, which makes it hard to detect. In the case of invisible aligners, it is extremely difficult to notice. With clear braces, there is a lot less attention drawn to the mouth, as opposed to having metal wires and brackets. Undergoing a discreet treatment is important for a lot of people as it reduces the need to discuss treatment, goals, etc. 

2. Quick turnaround times

The other main benefit of Six Month Smiles® is the quick turnaround times. Unlike other teeth-straightening methods, Six Month Smiles® produces the desired results in six months or less. This can be quite beneficial to individuals who have plans in advance, such as getting married, family photographs, or out of the country travel. It is important to note that most people complete treatment in six months or less; however, in some rare scenarios, extra time may be needed. 

3. Comfortable

With both Six Month Smiles® options, the process is comfortable, which is quite beneficial for individuals who may fear the potential of soreness or pain. The invisible aligners rely on a soft, flexible material that molds with the teeth. And, because the aligner is one piece, the teeth shift altogether, reducing the sensation of individual shift, often what causes discomfort. 

As far as the clear braces option, Six Month Smiles® uses patented technology in which the wires are more bendable, flexible, and all-around comfortable. This makes adjustments less uncomfortable and easier to undergo. 

4. Easier oral hygiene later on

Once the process of Six Month Smiles® is complete, oral hygiene is a lot easier to practice and maintain. When the teeth are evenly aligned, spaces and sitting, flossing, and brushing are much more achievable. Long-term, undergoing this treatment will pay off, as oral health will be in better shape. 

5. Cost-friendly

Lastly, Six Month Smiles® is cost-friendly. Undergoing teeth straightening can be expensive; however, because the process only takes around six months, the costs are cut as well!

Get started with Six Month Smiles®

Find out more about the treatment process by consulting with a dentist. An evaluation can be done to determine if Six Month Smiles® is a suitable option for you. Reach out today to get scheduled!

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